Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Memory for Life (M4L)

Memory for life (M4L) is the topic of a paper written by Kieron O’Hara, Richard Morris, Nigel Shadbolt, Graham J. Hitch, Wendy Hall, and Neil Beagrie. The paper discusses the problem space for the creation of technologies to store memory for life. It is an example of how beyond the 32nd square things get more difficult to predict.

The mere fact that a paper such as this exists demonstrates the point of this blog. If we have reached a point where we can realistically envision creating technologies that will store our memories of life and allow access to them in ways similar to our brain. Then perhaps we should collectively think more seriously about our futures.

Although I have see other articles about similar things (the brain download by 2050), this paper is more immediate.... more relevant, more now. The academic seriousness of the paper is worth noting here. This was not some futurist making a prediction. This was a well thought out idea from a team of scientists.

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