Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More on Moore

Recently seen on NYSERNet's website (December 2007):

“For the past forty years computer processors have enjoyed the phenomenal exponential growth known as Moore’s Law:, notes John E. Kolb, P.E., Renssealer’s Chief Information Officer, “where the number of processors on a chip double roughly every eighteen months. But the challenges for continuing that growth in the current nanoscale manufacturing environment and overcoming quantum theoretic limits are daunting. CCNI will enable the complex calculations necessary to design and model that next generation of nanoscale electronics.” A leading faculty researcher, Dr. Mark S. Shephard echoed this perspective: “Whole new classes of nanoscale modeling problems of critical importance to scientists worldwide are now within reach. Exploiting the simulation and modeling capabilities of the Rensselaer faculty with this extraordinary tool will allow us to push the envelope on computationally based scientific exploration. I anticipate each calculation opening up new, more computationally sophisticated models to understand.”

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