Saturday, May 31, 2008

Twitter, Delicious, Bush's Memex and The Construction of Truth

As I've delved into Twitter, Wiki's and social bookmarking sites like Delicious more and more over the past two years, it was important that W. Gardner Campbell give me perspective on these tools by reminding me of Vannevar Bush's "As We May Think" and his vision of the Memex. In his outstanding keynote at SUNY CIT 2008 in Batavia, NY, Campbell reminded me of how Bush's vision (along with Alan Kay's Dynabook) may now be, at least in hardware and software, a reality. Bush's thoughts just after WWII are eerily on target as I wade through my Twitter updates, delicious bookmarks and Second Life worlds. What is "necessary and certain" Truth (capital T) and how do we come to know it? My recent study of Steve L. Goldman's Science Wars lecture series has me serious thinking about how we come to know things and how these social networking technologies may be changing them.

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