Friday, January 8, 2010

New Media, Moore's Law and My Office Space

For almost six months now I've been gathering material for my New Media course. I can, with as much certainty as I can come up with about anything these day, say that I don't have enough disk space or office space (or brain space). Like never before in my career, prep-ing for this course feels nearly impossible. I've done all the normal things - emailed listservs for tips, tweeted about it, did the serious scholarship literature review, did the more useful Google/Bing searching, watched hundreds of YouTube, UStream, Hulu, videos. Read more blogs, wikis and web page "articles" than any one person should. Now I'm left with a hard drive full of annotated, highlighted and organized PDFs that I can't ever find the one I'm thinking about, printouts scattered all over my office in piles that have become mostly meaningless, outline notes for my course that look more like a massive oak tree in winter with its bifurcating limbs going every which direction, stacks of DVDs, CD, and mp3 files that I'm trying to decide on, hundreds of URL's all nicely tagged in that seem to do nothing but divert me from what I REALLY need to do - FOCUS, four different "desk copies" of books that various parts of I'd love to use, etc., etc. Screw the digital revolution.

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